Transform your Converse | One and only customized shoes


I always wanted to get a pair of studded sneakers.
Unfortunately, I could not find anything I really like, and somthing like Christian Louboutin shoes as shown below costs more than $2000.
Of course I didint want to spend that much lol


Oh well,, so I decided to make one on my own.
Firstly, I bought a pair of all-black all star Converse hi-top sneakers.
Next, I went to a local market to get some studs & rivets and hand mold tools.

The followings are the steps I did to make my own pair of studded sneakers.
Materials and tools required: 1 hammer, 1 set of studs & rivets, 1 set of hand mold press tool

** You can also easily find the tools online.

3 41. Draw a grid on sneakers, using a standard ruler and chalk, to spot where studs are going to be placed.

52. Make holes on each spot with a hand punch tool.

3. Place a rivet underneath, then put a stud with hand press mold tool.
Yeah, this is the most time consuming step. Repeat this step until you get all the studs on your desired spots.
Its inside will look something like this after putting all studs and rivets.

9 10Finally, here is the finished pair of my own customized studded sneakers!

Guess what? It took me 10 hours!
I know it is very time consuming, but I really do believe It’s worth spending time.
It is the only pair in the world that is made just for me 🙂
(I don’t know if I will do this again though lol)


For your more information, I wear these with Hunter shearing insoles in Winter.
It is really a great combination for cold days.



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