Hunter Boots for Men – Wear Hunter on a rainy day!

Coat: AR Mackintosh Navy Coat
Cardigan: Thom Browne Cashmere Cardigan
Boots: Hunter Rain Boots Original Tall

Don’t know what to wear on a rainy day?

Here is a simple solution: A pair of rain boots and a mackintosh coat.
It never fails. It’s a British classic.

Many guys hesitate to wear Hunter boots in public, but it’s really a guy’s classic item. When rains, wear hunters. When snows, wear uggs. Simple.
Guys definitely can pull them off!

Will post how a man should wear uggs when it gets much colder ๐Ÿ˜‰

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7 thoughts on “Hunter Boots for Men – Wear Hunter on a rainy day!

  1. Very smart, I have a long black coat similar to that and I wear that with my black original tall Hunter boots in winter.

  2. My experience with Hunters is that they are not actually waterproof: if you happen to be standing in a few inches of water they may leak. Anyone ever wear BOGS?

  3. Men in the States don’t know about rain boots … not sure why not. Unless you are in Southern California or some other desert area it certainly rains. I have a pair of black Le Chameau I wear when it rains but I have never, not even once, seen another man wear rain boots.

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