11S/S Burberry Prorsum Sleeveless Cropped Biker Leather Jacket


This time I want to show you my favorite jacket!

It’s leather cropped biker sleeveless jacket from Burberry Prorsum 2011 Spring Collection, the BP’s all time best collections. Numbers of great leather jackets introduced.

Retail priced at $1700, so around $1900 with tax.
(It is definitely a big investment but.. it’s the jacket that lasts forever!!

It was very hard to get this one as most of the leather items from this collection were completely sold out worldwide. however I was lucky enough to finally have one in hand from a buddy in UK.

Anyway,, if you put this on for the very first time you would immediately notice its heavy weight. It is real heavy!!
The leather has superb quality and it is solid, thick, firm, and “tumbled”.
The wrinkles and vintage look of the vest are simply amazing.

How I wear this? check out my previous post at

Here are some shots of mine.

ImageImage Image

And some official runway/campaign/model pics:


This below one is the same vest but studded.


It surely is one of the best jackets from Prorsum..


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